Video and Audio Production

3a international : It develops its services in the field of visual and audiovisual production and creates high-quality media, which are used to convey marketing ideas to the end customer.

After Production Stage

3a international : The process of editing, cutting and merging in order to obtain a high quality product.

Documentry Production

3a international : Produces documentary films about a specific idea by gathering information from people and related bodies and producing material that highlights the main idea clearly and simply.

Photography and video

3a international : has a professional team of photographers who have a great experience in this taking pictures and videos after the appropriate select right place and moment .

Location Selection

3a international : creates the Place of photo session and content management in the order of the scene and selecting the right people

Activity Media covarage

3a international : provides its services in the field of media coverage of the events and is done using the latest imaging equipment and by experts in this domain.

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